16 Song Remixes That are Actually Better Than the Original Track

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Big Machine Records

Remixes of hit songs have a bit of a tendency to polarize music fans. Some listeners love the opportunity to hear a new version of a classic tune. Others think that the source material is sacred and should never be tampered with. However, despite the often quite vocal criticism of remixes – and of EDM music in general – they continue to be churned out week after week. There’s probably a remix out there for every major song ever written if you’re willing to look hard enough. Some are totally unique reworkings of a fan favorite. In other cases, DJs simply add a bit of extra bass, speed things up a bit, and call it a remix. They’re not exactly created equal by any stretch of the imagination.

The intriguing question surrounding remixes is this: can they ever be better than the original song? Some music purists would turn their noses up at such a scandalous suggestion. However, it’s a fact that many remixes have done a whole lot better in the charts than their original tracks. Here are just a few catchy remixes that are arguably better than their source material.