Remember Andrew Keegan? He Can Take A Joke.

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Pals spotted '90s heartthrob Andrew Keegan — also known as the douche from 10 Things I Hate About You — hanging out at a New York Internet Week party last night. Random, but hey, Jonathan Taylor Thomas also lives among us (as Jonathan Weiss). Anyway! So Andrew, wearing jeans and a tee, showed up at Sweet and Vicious in downtown Manhattan, and if you remember the '90s and you are female, this is, like, HUGE. There was a projector showing live, hash-tagged tweets from the event, and up popped this tweet: “Snooki‘s not here but Andrew Keegan is.” To this, a pal's guy friend goes, “Who's Andrew Keegan?” As it happens, Andrew was standing right behind the guy. His response: “Who IS Andrew Keegan?”

Then he laughed heartily. And then he went somewhere to onstensibly get iced.

(Photo courtesy of Getty Images)