Mary Queen of Scots With a Twist: Everything You Need to Know about Reign

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Reign Mary Queen Of Scots Adelaide Kane

Among the many series that we're super excited to watch this fall, is The CW's Reign, which is a period drama that is loosely based on the young life of Mary, Queen of Scots. Because it's on The CW, which is home to shows like The Vampire Diaries, you can bet your last dollar that there will be a ton of drama in every episode. But if “a lot of drama” isn't quite enough to guarantee your spot in front of a TV for its premiere, allow me to fill you in on everything else that we know about the show. Are you ready, kids? (This is the part where you say “ay ay, Captain!”)

Okay, first things first: Mary is sent to France, where the show is set, to make sure all is well with her arranged engagement to the French prince, Francis. The whole thing is for political reasons, which, I guess, is what's really important when considering a marriage. Seems simple enough, right? No, not right. When she arrives, she quickly finds herself in a love triangle involving Francis and his half-brother, Bash. Further complicating their engagement is the fact that Francis' mother, Queen Elizabeth, receives a prophecy of her son's future that goes something along the lines of “Francis marries Mary, collects his imminent death and shall not pass GO.” Because of that prophecy, the Queen turns into a momma bear trying to protect her cub at all costs, which absolutely spells trouble. And, for the special icing on the cake that is Mary's hellish trip to France, she discovers that there is a dark, mysterious figure within the castle and she has no idea who —or what— it is.

For entertainment purposes, the show doesn't cling for dear life to maintaining flawless historical accuracy. However, in the same vein as other period dramas like Mad Men, it will use historical events as a backdrop for more creative story lines. I'm perfectly okay with that because if you'd like exact historical accounts, you should watch the History Channel. Those are the lovely Adelaide Kane's words, not mine! But, in case you're down for a little suspension of disbelief, you'll probably really enjoy this show. Be there when it premieres, or be square for all of eternity.

Reign premieres on The CW Tonight at 9/8c

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