Reese Witherspoon Might Take A Chance With Her Next Movie And Do The Comedy Sex Tape

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Though Reese Witherspoon‘s sort of become the princess of romantic comedies, many of her movies are dull or underappreciated. (Even Water for Elephants just came and went.) But the actress might be taking a chance on her next project: Empire reports that she was offered Sex Tape, sort of a raunchier version of Date Night (but minus the thugs and action sequences).

Sex Tape is about a married couple who gets the night off from their kids and try to spice things up by making a sex tape. But when they wake up the next morning, the footage is gone. Cue hectic chase scenes and awkward excuses to friends as to why they're frantically searching for a DVD.

Now, Reese hasn't officially agreed to the movie yet; it's just been offered to her. And she's not the only one that Sony is considering; they also have Rose Byrne, Emily Blunt, Amy Adams, and Jennifer Garner in mind. But it would be really fun to see Reese letting loose. It sounds like it'd bring back the old Reese that we fell for: The one who played peppy and determined in Legally Blonde, a bit stuck-up but relatable in Sweet Home Alabama, and of course steamy from Cruel Intentions.

The other actors that Sony is courting are Jason Segel and Nick Stoller, who wrote and produced the upcoming Muppets movie. It's unclear if Sony wants the team in a producer capacity with Jason also playing Reese's husband, or if they want them to punch up the script by Kate Angelo. Because despite the unconventionality of it, she did also write Jennifer Lopez‘s failed rom-com The Back-Up Plan.