Video: Reese Witherspoon Disses Justin Bieber

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We love Reese Witherspoon a little bit more now. The woman hasn't found another movie that showcases her the way Legally Blonde and Sweet Home Alabama did, but she's still capable of producing a zinger on her own. MTV News interviewed her recently about her bad-looking new rom-com This Is War, but then talk turned to the rumor that Justin Bieber wanted to remake Reese's 1996 thriller Fear.

Instead of responding with some bland “oh, that's nice,” Reese quipped,

Fine. Great. That would be cool. Would he be playing me or is he playing Mark Wahlberg?

I agree with Dlisted—she should've stopped there, because we know what joke she was making. She tried to act like “playing her” means that it would just turn into a Lifetime movie of The Mariah Yeater Story with a crazy girl stalking a Canadian pop star… But we know what you actually meant, Reese.

Now let's see if we can channel that humor into her rumored project Sex Tape. It sounds a lot funnier than two spies fighting over the same girl.