That Time Emma Watson Knew What 4chan Was, And Other Awkward Celebrity Encounters

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Emma Watson trollface meme Reddit 4chanI know that so much of Reddit is built on Redditors connecting over shared hobbies and weird twists of fate in their seemingly mundane lives, but it's also fun when these normal folks bring in celebrity anecdotes. Especially when they involve one or both parties making utter fools of themselves. I've seen variations on the “awkward celebrity encounters” conversation before, but this thread from r/askreddit is chock full of cringeworthy stories involving too-cool-for-school celebs. Here are my favorites:

The original poster snyben accidentally walked into Zach Braff‘s apartment:

I was staying with a friend, who herself happened to be staying at the apartment of some family friends by union square. It was one of those fancy buildings where each apartment is a floor and the elevator literally opens up into your living room, so you need a specific key to access each floor. Anyway, my girlfriend (at the time) and I were arguing kind of intensely when we got into the elevator, intending to head down, and were so involved that we apparently forgot to press the button for the ground floor.

The elevator starts to go up instead, and a few seconds later the door opens and we walk into a partially remodeled apartment on one of the upper floors. Standing there is Mr. Braff, giving a disapproving/ confused look. We backed away into the elevator, explaining that we must have forgotten to press down, and he told us he had called the elevator up to let in some friends. It was known that he lived in the building, and the look on his face implied he didn't believe our excuse, so we didn't push it by asking for autographs or anything. I kinda actually felt like he was being a little bit of a dick when he said ” yea…. So I'm just gonna close this and press down…”

menomenaa actually giving a celeb the benefit of the doubt, and it backfiring on her:

December 23rd at my favorite local bar, and I end up staying so late that the bartender closes up and only lets regulars stay. There's like 10 of us. At this point it's about 4 am, so it's really December 24th. I am drunk, and say to the bartender “That guy looks like Dexter!” I didn't have enough volume control so everyone hears, and sort of chuckles. I realize–why would Michael C. Hall be in a bar in NYC on Christmas Eve? So I get embarrassed that I thought that, and drop it. Later, when this guy leaves, he passes again and I go “jeez, I swear he's a dead ringer for Michael C. Hall.” He stops, looks at me, and goes “It's me.” and walks out. Everyone laughs AGAIN so I have officially convinced myself that I'm the dumb drunk girl that really thinks this regular is a celebrity, and if I act excited it'll be worse.

So I keep seeing him, maybe four times or so since that night, and I think of him as “that regular that looks like Dexter.” Then about a month ago I'm staring at him and we make eye contact. We hold it for a while, and I'm thinking to myself…oh, shit. It is him. I'm furrowing my brow and he starts to glare like “are you fucking kidding me with this over-the-top staring.” I cocked my head to one side, and he does it to sort of sarcastically mimic me, and I quickly look away. He walks over to stand next to me, says to the bartender “can I close my tab? Michael Hall.” and leaves. I still feel bad that I basically made him feel awkward at his regular bar, while everyone else can hold it together and not stare or make him feel weird.

I know if I had the chance to tell him that I really thought he was just a guy that looked like Michael C. Hall and not really him, he would never believe me. Also, half the time I was staring at him, I just thought he was hot. I kind of wanted to hook up with the Dexter Doppleganger.

An actual sweet story, with Captain Chewbacca running into Nathan Fillion and saying really the only thing you could say:

I was once at a convention when I came around a corner, and came up short as I almost ran over Nathan Fillion. The words out of my mouth were, I think ‘Holy shit, Nathan Fillion!'

To which he replied ‘Holy Shit, you're right!' in a surprised tone. I told him I was a fan of all his work, he smiled and said ‘Thanks, want an autograph?' I thanked him but said I'd already gotten him to sign my Firefly box set a few years earlier, to which he replied ‘So THATS how you knew who I was…' very funny delivery. Shook my hand, went on his way.

As he left I said ‘I loved you in 2 Guys & a Girl!' and whoever he was with burst out laughing.

Diazlol interacting with Emma Watson when they were about thirteen, and treating her like one of his peers. (Which was apparently not the thing to do.)

So basically, my father (currently unemployed- not really related) manages hotels. I move around alot and therefore I usually live in the hotel itself, and after years of hard work and experience my dad landed some nice 5 star extreme luxury hotel jobs. The particular hotel was in tenerife, you can see it here!. As I moved at the end of the school year I spent the summer in the pool etc. eventually getting bored as you do, which led me to places such as reddit and 4chan where I learnt of the Emma Watson obsession.

So one day I'm in the buffet at night, before I head to a party, and there I am scooping my spuds and veg, and Emma Fucking Watson walks into the line behind me. Stuck for words I turned around and said “Sorry if this sounds weird, but are you Emma Watson?” She told me she was and that it wasn't weird at all. Then I said, possibly the worst possible thing one could say. “You look much better than you do on your pictures on the internet, people seem to like you on 4chan” I smiled. She didn't. She knew.

So good. And yes, that is Emma Watson doing a pretty convincing trollface in the photo I chose for this post.

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