Students Recreate Recess Opening, And Pepper Ann Says It is In Fact Much Too Cool For 7th Grade

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Recess recreation with real people

What would you give to wake up in 1999 tomorrow, turn on your TV and hear the One Saturday Morning theme song playing? I would give my complete collection of The Babysitter's Club and toss in a few Goosebumps too. And you'll feel the same way after you see these high school kids recreate the opening theme song for Recess. Even thought you still find a way to regularly work “womps” into your everyday vocabulary, you probably forget how much you used to love this show and Pepper Ann and The Weekenders and that wacky guy who used to say “great minds think alike.” It might be hard to remember now, but there was a time in your life when Saturday morning were much more exciting than Saturday nights.

I mean, just look at that one dancing on that ball and tell me you don't miss your childhood. That you don't want to crawl into this GIF and go back to a simpler time. A time when your entire weekend got defined by chunks of TV. A little TGIF here, a little One Saturday monring there, a little SNICK over yonder and hint of a Wonderful World of Disney movie on the horizon.

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While I always identified much more closely with Pepper Ann than the kids of Recess, I always preferred the adventures of TJ Detweiler and Mikey and (Ashley) Spinelli and the rest of the crew. I also spent way too many of my own recesses seeing where my friends and I could build an underground lair. Of course I'd have to convince them all to go by the name Jenni first, but that seemed easy enough once we'd located a good spot to build our headquarters. I'd use threats and intimidation and blackmail and it would (obviously) be scandalous.

Even though we don't know much about the kids who recreated this opening, we do know that they're American heroes. Patriots. The kind of people who our great-grandkids will read about in Buzzfeed textbooks 200 years when they get to the part of history where we all tried to desperately returned to the '90s. God bless them and everything they've done for our country. [UPDATE: I've been informed that they're Canadian students, however that does not in any way diminish their American hero status in my eyes. Heck, I'll go all the way and call them global heroes.]


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