40 TV Characters That Were Randomly Recast Like It Was NBD

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Have you ever been watching one of your favorite shows and noticed something different? It wasn't the tone of the show, or the sets. When you think about it some more, you realize that one of the characters has been recast… and no one mentioned anything about it. You didn't notice right away because it has been a long time since the last season aired, or you thought that there might be a new character. Now, you're wondering what the heck happened.

It's easy to think that this is a rare thing in TV land, but it has happened a number of times and with a lot of popular shows. The fine details of the situations may change slightly but the thing that remains is that suddenly our favorite character has a new face and voice, and no one really had the courtesy to tell us about it. Maybe they thought we wouldn't notice, or maybe they thought we wouldn't care. Well, most of us did notice and we did care which is why we still cannot believe that these 40 characters were randomly recast like it was no biggie.