You Should All Love Rebel Wilson’s Character In Pitch Perfect As Much As I Do

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So Pitch Perfect is now playing in select theaters and will be playing everywhere on Friday, October 5, and I for one am ready to get pitch slapped really excited about it. First of all, Rebel Wilson is awesome. And hilarious. And yes, as many of her critics have pointed out, fat. But guess what, haters? That's why her character is FAT Amy! So in your face.

In the movie, (also starring Brittany Snow and Anna Kendrick) Rebel plays Fat Amy (duh), a great singer who's super confident in her voice AND her body. She's totally okay with who she is and that gets two big thumbs up over here. It's the confidence, and the herpes joke. (Because who doesn't love a girl who can make light of her weight and STDs?)

Why is Fat Amy so awesome? Fat Amy says whatever the hell she wants. Which basically means that she does something that we all should strive to do more often and KEEPS IT REAL. Fat Amy is also super loyal to her A Capella group. Obviously this movie is one of those endearing comedies that will make you well up with happiness and inspire you to be a better person.

And in case you're wondering, since I said "A Capella group," yes there's singing. And yes, I'm talking Glee-style, but in an "I can't tell if this is mocking or not" way that really hits the musical-comedy nail on the head.

What could be better? Rebel Wilson, being hilarious, in a movie kind of reminiscent of Glee, playing a fat character who owns her fatness and keeps it real in the vein of June "Mama" Thompson?! Certainly nothing else coming out in theaters any time soon.

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