I Like Rebel Wilson, But Her New Show Super Fun Night Looks Meh

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Rebel Wilson Super Fun Night 2013

We've been hearing a lot about TV shows these days, from the TV shows we won't be seeing anymore (although some reporters think that's cause for congrats) to new pilots that have been picked up for the fall season. One of the picked-up shows we were most excited about was Rebel Wilson's new ABC comedy, Super Fun Night. Because, hello, she's Rebel Wilson. She's funny, so her series will be funny too. Right? RIGHT?

Well, now that I've seen the trailer for the show, I don't know if that's so right anymore. Maybe it's just that it's morning time and my funny bone isn't properly installed. But I'm able to laugh at those Will & Grace reruns I wake up at 3:30 every morning to watch, so that might not be the problem. The trailer just looks so lukewarm and meh. It's not so bad that I groan and roll my eyes, but it also didn't really make me laugh out loud.

And that kind of makes me feel sad, because the ingredients in this show should add up to something great. It's about three young women who stay in every night. Helloooo! That's me! That's my life. I mean, I don't spend my evenings reading letters from my sponsor child, but “homebody” is pretty much my middle name. These girls decide to finally go out and have a “super fun night” (get it?), but it doesn't go so well. This is where they kind of lost me. I guess I'm just not that interested in seeing TV characters screaming every five seconds. There's a lot of screaming going on in this trailer.

Maybe we should stick to seeing Rebel in small doses. Is a TV series too much? It's always hard to keep the comedy going from week to week on any sitcom. But of course, a pilot isn't always the best representation of where a series can go, and a trailer for that pilot provides an even more limited view of what the show can be. So maybe when we see these jokes in context we'll be pleasantly surprised. I hope that happens, because I want to see Rebel do well.