Video: Rebel Wilson Serenades Us With Her ‘Edge Of Glory’ Audition From Pitch Perfect

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Rebel Wilson was on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night to promote her new raunchy a capella comedy Pitch Perfect, so of course she had to sing a few bars for Jay. But Rebel, being the committed comedienne we all know her as, gave it her all, whipping out her Lady Gaga impression and singing “Edge of Glory.”

Actually, she was channeling another young talent, as she quipped, “[The producers] were like, ‘Well, she kinda looks like Adele.'” The other things making this video amazing? Rebel claps out a beat on her breasts, grabs the mic, and narrowly avoids pelting fellow guest Bryan Cranston in the head with her high heel when she kicks her shoes off.

My only quibble with this video is that it seems a little pandering. It's not the first outrageous thing Rebel's done on late-night TV — let's not forget her blingy “Bitch” necklace and Honey Boo Boo impression — but it's rather calculated. She knows that people expect her to be as outrageous as her Bridesmaids and Pitch Perfect characters, so does she come up with something like “singing from my breast voice” on her own and exaggerate it, or are we watching her alter ego Fat Amy sit on Jay's couch instead of Rebel?

To be fair, I fell in love with Rebel after reading her great Bachelorette interview where she admitted to practicing her Oscar speech while delirious with malaria. I don't doubt that she's putting on any kind of act in that conversation, that all the cute anecdotes and one-liners are genuinely from her. I just have a moment of hesitation when I see her on TV.

Then again, Bryan Cranston's frenzied reaction alone is worth it.