Hey You! Check Out The Pube Shirt Rebel Wilson Wore To The VMAs This Year!

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Looking for a little inspiration to jazz up your outfit tomorrow? How about making yourself a bikini pube shirt in homage to Rebel Wilson? Yes! The rumors you're hearing are true!

Our new favorite funny lady changed things up at the 2012 VMA awards by presenting an award while showing off her pubes. Not her real pubes! That would be gross and that would be copyright on Lady Gaga's outfit for the 2013 Grammys.

The up-and-coming actress who stars in Bachelorette and Pitch Perfect this month got on stage with the men of The Wanted for one of the best moments of the entire show.

While I should tell you what award they presented together, I can't. I was too focused on Rebel Wilson's outfit to pay attention to anything else. So sue me.

Rather than going for the shock-and-awe-and-WTF styles that so many celebrities favor these days (fine, only Nicki Minaj. Even Ke$ha dressed normal this year), she just went for the absolute ridiculous. And that's why we're finding that she's quickly climbing to the top of our official Crushable Girl Crush ladder.

It's a long trip to the top, but I'm more confident than ever that she will make it!

And you know what? If she doesn't make it to the top of our ladder, I think there's a spot for her on Project Runway. Girl's got style.

(Photo: @Csquaredyo)