Let’s All Make Fun Of Rebel Wilson For Daring To Be Fat AND Be An Actress

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Just saw on Vh1 that people on the Internet commonly attack Pitch Perfect star Rebel Wilson for being fat. This makes her sad. It also makes her feel the need to join Jenny Craig and become their spokesperson.

Good. I'm glad she's finally realizing how disgusted everyone is by her body. So yeah Internet, let's all attack Rebel Wilson for being fat and for being an actress. Because that's like totally gross. I'm not saying she shouldn't be an actress, but I'm also not saying she should. Because, c'mon she should lose weight before being all up in our faces with her obesity. She's totally glorifying being fat because she's all like, “despite being overweight, I can still have a job!” And that's a horrible message to send to children.

So what if she's hilarious and talented! That doesn't matter. We want to see better looking versions of ourselves in movies.

Let's only hire skinny actresses to play leading lady roles. They're so much nicer to look at. Plus it gives us something else to complain about.

Then we can be all like, “we want to see people of normal shapes and sizes in the media! But by normal we don't mean thin or fat, just like normal. But not athletic or muscular, just normal. Well slightly muscular, no flab please! But also, no toned arms, because that's unrealistic. Oh, don't forget great boobs! Maybe with a hint of a rib cage showing. Okay? Great!”

Or we can stop getting angry at people for being fat. Because it's nonsensical. Someone else's fatness doesn't affect your weight or your lifestyle or your eating habits. So attacking them like a crazy person who just learned the power of anonymity on the Internet makes you an asshole.

(Photo: Thomas Janssen, Pacificcoastnews.com)