In News That’ll Make You Think ‘Classic Sexytime Move’, Rebel Wilson Used Nunchucks In Her 1st Sex Scene

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Rebel Wilson Nunchucks Bedroom scene pain and gain

Last night Rebel Wilson talked to Jay Leno about filming her first bedroom scene for the movie Pain & GainFor work. It's not like she just stopped by his house and talked about sex with him. No, no, no, she went on The Tonight Show and talked all about how nervous she was to act sexy for the first time.

When the director was all like, “ehhh, I don't know” after she filmed the scene, she brought out her personal nunchucks to spice it up. You have personal nunchucks, right? You know, just a small set that you carry around with your everywhere in your purse. It's like keys? Check! Wallet? Check! Obscure weapon? Check! Of course she made the nunchucks work in the scene and of course it's now part of the movie. So that's a fun fact to keep in mind when you watch it in theaters in a few weeks. Or at home in 2015 on a rainy day when nothing else is on TV.

While I've never used nunchucks, I totally get why Rebel got so nervous. Do you remember the first time you filmed yourself having sex? I do. It feels just like yesterday, even though it was actually the day before yesterday. And unlike Rebel, there weren't any real movie stars involved. Just me, Bruce from Matilda and the house featured in the movie Smart House. The whole experience really unnerved me and I get why Rebel felt like she needed a prop. It's why I grabbed a chocolate cake at the last minute. In case you haven't yet made your first sex tape, watch the clip below for some tips on making it work for you!