Watching Rebel Wilson Rap With Ellen Makes Me Want To Kidnap And Befriend Her

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It's hard to believe that I started this week not wanting to kidnap Rebel Wilson, take her to my secluded cabin in the woods  (a 21st birthday present from my parents) and explain to her with a clever powerpoint presentation why we should be best friends. But after a whirlwind week of interviews with the press, it's now safe to say that I'm completely obsessed with her.

From making Maude Apatow audition to be in her rap group to getting grilled by Pitch Perfect co-star Anna Kendrick to belting out “The Edge of Glory” on Jay Leno, she continues to wow me with her skillz. And I use a Z because after watching all these interviews I know she's pretty hardcore and would probably appreciate if we never use the letter “s” to make a plural word ever again.

In fact I'm pretty sure she's using this press tour as an excuse to launch her American rap career. And tell you what, I'm totally cool with that.

Today she continues to bring her A-game as she raps Salt ‘n ‘Pepa's classic rap song “Shoop” with Ellen DeGeneres. Until I witnessed this magic, I didn't know that daytime television could be so fun and so alive and so gangsta.

Seriously, this should be rated M for mature.