Rebel Wilson’s ‘I Was Just A Street Girl Who Sometimes Did Crack’ Line Wins The Night

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Rebel Wilson Streetgirl

Leave it to Rebel Wilson to make a mockery of a lifetime achievement award at the 2013 Critics Choice Awards. When presenting the Genius Award to Judd Apatow, she stole the show with a ridiculous introduction to him that included a surprisingly funny Charlie Chaplin impression. And you know what, I never think I want to see Charlie Chaplin impressions at my award shows, but it worked. It worked because Rebel Wilson makes weird things work.

That's why I love her and that's why I want her to star in every movie this year. Just her. I would love to watch her for two hours on the big screen just doing things. Is that a possibility? If so, I'd like to request that they all be in 3D IMAX please. Thank you.

After she presented the Judd Apatow montage (which reminded me that his wife Leslie Mann starred in 40-Year-Old Virgin), she seriously thanked him for helping to launch her American comedy career in Bridesmaid. Because before that she was just a “street girl who sometimes did crack.” Her words, not mine.

Judd may have won the Genius Award, but Rebel Wilson won the night.

(GIF: Tumblr)