5 Facts About Rebel Wilson In Honor Of Her Birthday (And GIFs, too)

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Rebel Wilson has cemented her place in our hearts for life.  Whether she's rapping Salt ‘n Pepa with Ellen DeGeneres, singing parodies of pop songs for our favorite late-night TV hosts, or just showing the world what it takes to be a true gangsta, we love everything about her.  But we don't know everything about her.  And you probably don't either.  So here are some interesting tidbits about our favorite Aussie of the moment in honor of her 27th birthday.

1.) Her siblings all have crazy/awesome/badass names too: Liberty, Ryot and Annachi.
I have no idea what an Annachi is, but the other three names are nouns and verbs I can get behind.

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2.) She actually thought she'd grow up to practice law or become involve in politics. 
Holy shitballs!  I'm so glad she didn't. I know she was a student ambassador to South Africa when she was in high school, so she's probably qualified to go into either field. ZZZzzZZZZzz.  Plus she contracted malaria while she was there, so… no thanks.

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3.) Her family shows dogs professionally, and she claims that the movie Best in Show was basically her every day life.
Anyone who can relate to a Christopher Guest movie in a legit way is clearly someone the world should know.

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4.) She's a spokeswoman for Jenny Craig in Australia.
“I'm really feeling great now,” Rebel blogged in 2012. “I'm down to a size 16 and I was probably closer to a size 20 when I started.”  You don't have to be a skeleton to be healthy.  Or funny and talented, for that matter.

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5.) She lives in West Hollywood with her Bridesmaids co-star, Matt Lucas (aka the guy who played her brother).
She claims that they sing show tunes at the top of their lungs in their hot tub together and irritate the hell out of their neighbors.  YES PLEASE.

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