The 5 Best Quotes From Rebel Wilson’s Bachelorette Interview

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Rebel Wilson Bachelorette Pitch Perfect best quotes IndieWire interview funnyIt shouldn't come as any surprise that Rebel Wilson was one of 2011's breakout stars: Playing Kristen Wiig‘s unbelievably oblivious roommate from hell in Bridesmaids, she's parlayed that cheerful stupidity into a number of similar comedy roles, and is even branching out more now. She's got six movies coming out in the near future, including two we can't wait to watch: College a capella movie Pitch Perfect, and Leslye Headland‘s dark mean-girl comedy Bachelorette.

This interview that IndieWire just published is one of the first big features I've seen on Rebel… and truly, I wish all celebrity interviews were like this. She's candid, she jumps all over the place, she gives insight into what she did and didn't like about several projects. It's so quotable that there's not just one angle I can focus on—instead, I'm just going to give you the top five quotes that made me giggle and wish I actually knew her in real life.

1. When she got malaria in Africa: “I went to a hospital in Johannesburg and the way they treat you is with very, very powerful drugs and intensive care. I lost my hearing for two weeks! I was in the hospital bed hallucinating on drugs. I hallucinated that I was an actress and that I won an Oscar and instead of doing an acceptance speech, I did an acceptance rap and the crowd loved it. […] I can actually kind of remember it, it was like: ‘Listen up y’all, I got something to say, it’s about this award, that I won today…'”

2. At first I thought she was being facetious because that seems like a crazy-successful run for a first-time writer, but now I'm convinced she's completely serious: “I went for a few auditions for local plays in Australia, but they wouldn’t think twice about casting me. I thought, I’ll write my own play for myself and put myself in it and everyone can see how funny I am. And it worked! The first play I wrote, I wrote in two nights and it was a big hit in Sydney. It had four seasons in the first year.”

3. On trying to get a visa so she could appear on Party Down: “So you have to go back to Australia to get your visa. It's a whole mission. They don't let anyone work in America. I got the visa called ‘Alien of Extraordinary Ability,' which is hilarious sounding. And so I went back and I called the Australian consulate, I’m like, ‘Former Youth Ambassador Rebel, can you like…'”

4. Her relief when her Bachelorette character's bulimia got written out: “Usually, I’d be the crazy, zany sort of character. When I read the script, I actually wasn’t too sure because there were some really dark bits. In the original script, Becky was bulimic. I loved everything but I'm not that sane and don’t know whether I could play a character that glamorized bulimia. She had this big speech about how awesome it was. Thankfully, it got cut.”

5. Why she took the role of “Fat Amy” in Pitch Perfect despite the name: “I know, I pick up the roles other actresses don’t want [laughs]. When there’s movies where there are two sisters and one’s the uglier sister, there’s always no actress that wants to go for it. I’m like, why not! They’re the best roles!”

Her other upcoming projects are called Pain and Gain and Super Fun Night. I have no idea what they're about, but I already want to see them.

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