Rebel Wilson Tricked The People Who Run America Into Thinking She’s An Australian Princess

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Rebel Wilson White House Correspondents Dinner 2013While doing an interview with Tommy McFLY on 94.7 Fresh fm recently, professional-ridiculous-human-being Rebel Wilson talked about going to the White House Correspondents' Dinner that went down last weekend. You may have heard about it. President Obama dropped by for like a few hours or something. I don't know. I'm slightly bitter that I wasn't invited, since I do consider Crushable.com to the bridge between Hollywood and Washington D.C. But I suppose there's always next year. And by that I mean, I might run for congress this year, win the election and get an automatic invite next year. I don't know, we'll see. Summer's so unpredictable. Should I attend a BBQ or run a campaign? It's the question I ask myself every Saturday morning when I wake up.

Think that a blogger could never get elected? Think again. According to this story from Rebel Wilson, our fine congressmen and senators aren't quite as savvy as you think they are. For example, they didn't recognize Rebel Wilson, despite the fact she starred in Pitch Perfect  — a movie I'm sure all their children watch every single day.

Rebel: Well, at one point I pretended to be the Princess of Australia. I think that was taking it too far.

Tommy: Did anyone fall for it?

Rebel: Yeah, some people did. I said I don't have corgis like the Queen, I just have some like bush pigs.

I know a lot of these people are old and out-of-touch…but really? Her face rang no bells for them at all? Maybe I'm being a little ridiculous here, but I'm a little uncomfortable with the fact that the people running our country don't know Fat Amy. I'm worried that they're also unaware that you can play an entire song on cups. Ugh, what has this country come to when one of our most recognizable stars can convince people she's an Australian princess? That's it. I'm registered Crushable.com as Crushable.gov and we're going to put a stop to this nonsense tomorrow.

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