Bouncers Didn’t Want To Let Rebel Wilson Into Anna Kendrick’s Birthday Party, So Hexes On Them

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Bouncers Didn t Want To Let Rebel Wilson Into Anna Kendrick s Birthday Party   So Hexes On Them rebel wilson this is shit gif

Here are 3 things that you cannot deny: baked brie is the best thing ever, the plot of Pretty Woman makes you sad if you think about it too hard and Rebel Wilson’s hilarious. Every time I watch her in a movie or read an interview with her or just think about her playing the head whore in that cut scene from Les Mis, I laugh. And I’m not an LOL-er. Things have to be very, very funny before I make any noise. Even if I’m dying inside, I’m a statue on the outside. It’s a horrid flaw that leads to lots of uncomfortable fake laughter every time someone’s like, “this is sooooo funny, you have to watch it.”

Because I find her totally hilar, I take it personally when people don’t. Or even worse, when they don’t recognize her. How in this day and age can you not know Rebel? As the ancient saying goes, “he who hasn’t seen Pitch Perfect should not be seen.” Yet despite the fact everyone should know her, some bouncer tried to keep her out of Anna Kendrick’s birthday party recently. When speaking to Cosmo about her upcoming show, Super Fun Night, she mentions that some part of the show are actually pretty similar to her own life.

Rebel: In the pilot, my character gets invited to drinks, but she can’t get into the club—that happened to me recently at Skybar. Anna Kendrick was having her birthday party there, and it was a fancy place. So I get there with Hana Mae Lee from Pitch Perfect, and I’ve got a birthday gift so I’m clearly going to the party, and this big huge bouncer wouldn’t even look us in the face. We were like, “Hi”…and then two models came and he let them in.

While reading this might make you want to go to Skybar now and force this “bouncer” to watch everything Rebel’s ever done (including, but not limited to her Jennifer Lawrence spoof), it’s probably better to support her by just watching her show when it comes out this fall. Nothing shows a bouncer who’s boss like high ratings. Huzzah!

Also guys, Anna Kendrick’s birthday party, I would’ve killed to be there with the Pitch Perfect gang. And it scares me because I think I mean that literally.

UPDATE: Anna Camp says it was her party, not Anna Kendrick’s.