Skip The New Rebecca Black Video ‘Person Of Interest’ And Watch This Victorious One Instead

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Did anyone know that Rebecca Black even had a new video out? Nope? OK, good. It says a lot that her third single lacks the explosive nature of “Friday” or the wild anticipation of “My Moment.” While “Person of Interest” is her second-best offering, it still falls way short of the utter ridiculousness we associate with her. I fear that we will never reclaim the magic of “Friday.”

Sorry Rebecca, but despite a clever play on words in the title, the video is just plain boring. I don’t even know why there are cops. Plus, she just seems less enthusiastic; sure, she’s at a glittering carnival, but she seems less excited than when she had to go meet her friends at the bus stop.

Instead, I recommend you check out Victoria Justice‘s video for “Beggin’ On Your Knees,” released this past spring. I first got to watch it when I interviewed the Victorious cast; even with no knowledge of the show, I was compelled to write about what a fun music video it was.

Part of the reason is that it has actual conflict: Like in “Person of Interest,” Tori hangs out with a cute guy at the carnival. But then she discovers that he’s got another girl on the side, so she conspires to reveal him to be a jerk. Sure, it’s kind of a juvenile plotline, but it’s more interesting than Rebecca’s convoluted story—she met a Justin Bieber lookalike, he won her a teddy bear, and then…? I still can’t figure out if a crime were actually committed.

Also, Rebecca’s out-of-sync dancing doesn’t match up to Tori’s moves on the skeeball machine.