Reba McEntire Releasing ‘Consider Me Gone’

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Reba McEntire is gearing up for her second single release from her forthcoming CD “Keep on Loving You.”

Consider Me Gone,” which follows up “Strange,” will be released to airwaves August 18, the same day the album is set to drop.

About the single, Reba says:

“It's a strong woman song. I'm sure there are tons of women who get the cold shoulder when the husband comes in from work. He's had a rough day and she's had three kids at home, especially if it's summer. He doesn't want to talk, something's going on and it's confrontation time. If you are giving me the cold shoulder, if you're not wanting to talk to me, and if things aren't getting any better and if I don't turn you on, consider me gone. Here's the way the cow eats the cabbage. It's like, let's poop or get off the pot. Tell it like it is. It's a pretty cool song and it's confrontation time. That is one thing that is wrong with relationships, that there's not enough communication.”