Reality Stars In Real Life: My Weekend With Scott Disick, Melissa Gorga And The Cast Of Bachelor Pad

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Last weekend, I was asked to attend Mohegan Sun's Not So Sweet 16 Party, a fabulous party celebrating the 16th birthday of the Mohegan Sun….and Scott Disick was there. (Full disclosure before we get into the juicy details. The Mohegan Sun did pay for my wonderful weekend and I am forever grateful for their generosity.)

I know a lot of people aren't fans of him on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. My mom calls him a douche, and I'm sure more people call him worse things, but I LOVE him. I think he's hilarious, and he's totally making the most of his opportunity to be on the show by being outlandish and hilarious. I also heard that the cast of Bachelor Pad‘s third season was going to be at this party, and since I spent my unemployed summer obsessing over Bachelor Pad, I had to go meet them. And if that isn't enough reality stars for you, Melissa Gorga from Real Housewives of New Jersey was there too.

What was it like seeing reality stars that I've only seen on TV in real life? Mostly, it was way cooler than I expected it to be, and it was also sometimes just how I expected it to be. For example, Scott Disick hosted a party at the Vista Lounge at Wombi Rock on Saturday night, and I didn't expect him to speak to any of us “commoners” as he's referred to non-famous people on Keeping Up. And guess what? He didn't. There were swarms of people standing in front of the VIP area that Scott was sitting in with Melissa Gorga, and they were desperately trying to get his attention. Apparently, one girl tried belly dancing for him, and another tried a strip tease. And Lord Disick, as cool as ever, didn't acknowledge anybody but his entourage while he puffed on cigarettes. What I didn't expect was him to be drinking Bud Lights. I would have thought that a “Lord”, especially one who dresses as well as Scott, would have been drinking a manly brown concoction. Not Bud Light, the drink of tailgates.

A little glimpse of Lord Disick

Okay, so after watching Bachelor Pad all season, I expected the cast members who were there, Ed SwiderskiChris BukowskiNick Peterson, Jaclyn Swartz and Rachel Trueheart, to be super dramatic…and they totally weren't! I got to spend some time with the cast before the party on Saturday, and they were really down-to-earth. I learned that after the show wrapped, all of them went back to their normal lives. They all went back to their day jobs and just continued being them. I always wondered what people did once their reality TV appearances were over, and it never hit me that they go back to their normal lives. I also learned from Nick and Rachel that last weekend at the Mohegan Sun was the first time they've seen each other since the show's finale, so basically it was awkward city. I also expected Jaclyn to be kind of bitchy, but she wasn't. She was awesome as we discussed hot spots in NYC that she loves (as a new NYC dweller, I just had to know) and that her and Ed are best friends. Awwww. Then at the party on Saturday night, the cast was amazing because they were willing to take photos of fans, which made tons of my FB friends jealous.

Chris, Ed, and Rachel at the party on Saturday night. This is not the best photo because TONS of people were trying to get near them!

I would like the thank the Mohegan Sun for my amazing weekend. I now know that when I'm watching some reality stars fight and cry on TV, that they probably aren't like that in person. They're most likely pretty cool and normal in real life. Oh and also, just in case you're wondering, Scott Disick still had his new beard last weekend, and he was looking hotter than ever. Swoon.

(Main Photo Courtesy of Mohegan Sun)