Really?! Zachary Quinto’s Spock Beats Wil Wheaton As Wesley Crusher In Reader Poll

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Really  Zachary Quinto s Spock Beats Wil Wheaton as Wesley Crusher In Reader Poll wil jpgWe here at Crushable are never too proud to admit defeat: When we put Internet celebrity Wil Wheaton in our Hot Guys of Hard Sci-Fi and Fantasy Gallery we did not expect the outcry from our readers. “Really?” asked commenter Really?!, “Wesley Crusher? Really? Not Shatner-Kirk nor Quinto-Spock? Really?”

Well, we really put it to a vote. And we were really wrong.

Zachary Quinto won by a landslide: Almost 60 percent of the votes, compared to Wil’s 23 percent. Which reminds us, we didn’t add in Sylar from Heroes, though he definitely deserves a spot. As does Michael Emerson/Ben Linus from Lost. Oh man, I think I smell a second gallery!