Making Mr. Right Might Be The Craftiest Dating Show Ever

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MakingMrRight It seems that VH1 has been on celebreality hiatus for awhile. Being the proud owner of the Flavor of Love Series box sets, I was excited and intrigued to see the premiere of the new dating/reality show – Making Mr. Right. Big Brother meets The Bachelor meets Joe Millionaire, Making Mr. Right has three lovely single ladies posing as matchmakers in order to tame and mold a house full of single men into the loves of their lives.

Meet our romantically-challenged ladies – Rachel Seeker, Brittany Skipper and Lindsay Marissa. Each attractive and each with their own dating blind spots (as Matchmaker April Beyer has so cleverly coined.) Rachel is a Beantown woman, self-proclaimed “Queen of First Dates” and is both construction worker and biker. She finds that men are intimidated by her strong personality and has been itching to find a match for her sultry brawn. Brittany is our token bubbly blonde, who is also a single parent and divorcee. She owns her own business of Princess-for-Hire birthday party rentals. I like her dating vulnerabilities; good for like-attribute hookups and matches. But, I have a feeling she goes for the classically good-looking chaps, which may prove interesting when testing her dating habits and subsequent outcomes. Lindsay is our youngest gal, living in LA, and lover of RomComs. She admits she's wise beyond her years and is looking to settle down and quit dating the same old, same-aged losers.


Our ladies have been unlucky in the dating scene, so they've set out (under the careful guidance of Matchmaker April) to star on Making Mr. Right, under the ruse of being matchmakers, themselves. The fourteen guys who will unknowingly be shaped by our love-starved women, think that they are on a show called “Match Me If You Can.” They are also looking for love. Or, for some, fifteen minutes of fame. Rachel, Brittany, and Lindsay will act as matchmakers for the gentlemen-in-training, all while molding them into their ideal man, throwing out their bad habits, and getting to the core of their personalities and desires – all while spying and snooping and trying to keep their true identities a secret.


Bring on the unsuspecting lads. A lot of them are, as guessed, are stereotypes with the word “Mr.” put in front. Much like a male beauty contest, all of these guys are made-for-reality-TV-dating. Rachel, Brittany, and Lindsay are allowed to watch the men saunter up to their temporary and invasive digs and the judgey pants are on! Glimpses of first impressions, comments on clothing and accessories, and sometimes a subtle undressing with the eyes occurs as each young man is introduced while just a hint of back story is revealed. The women can all agree that long hair, do care. They are eager to chop those locks off. No real opinions formed just based on looks (boo!), but they all made fun of poor Amir, who looked like a backup dancer gone wrong and openly admitted to curling his eyelashes. Yikes.


After being shown the NASA mission control-esque room, where they would be doing all of their spying, the women practiced a little “Trust me, I'm a matchmaker” routine and headed off to meet the boys. The girls pull off believable introductions and the guys return to the house to talk about how hot their matchmakers are – all while the women listen. But, nothing new here. We can all see that the women are good looking. Next is a surprise digging through their suitcases session. Again, nothing great about this segment. We all expected a hilarious amount of condoms or creepy stuff, but really, it was typical guy stuff. Except our friend Amir, who pulls out not one, but two pictures of his beloved kitty. Awww. Nope. Not awww. Weird and not funny reads all over each girl's face. Ugh, he can't catch a break. First impressions, my dude, first impressions.

Rachel, Brittany, and Lindsay admit that the control room can be a little addictive and I can't blame them. But, I feel with too much power, the girls could put themselves in danger of revealing their secret or misjudging an innocent comment. There's a reason there are “girls/guys nights out.” It's gonna be tough job for them to keep their natural body language and flirts to a minimum once they make a connection with their respective Mr. Right.


After an AM group workout by the men, they are off to speed dating. Ah, speed dating. Where everyone jokes about going for fun, after they've downed three martinis, but secretly hopes they will meet a great person after a five minute conversation. Nonetheless, most of the men do pretty well. Though, some were close to catching onto the weird vibes of the planter speed daters being fed lines through an earpiece by the faux matchmakers. Only Mr. Honest (my name for him, not VH1's) was breaking the rules (though, not his own) in being honest about letting his girl know if she was getting gnarly looking, or not performing in the kitchen. The girls think he's a cad, but maybe he's just tired of dating, too, and ready to go straight to significant other bliss. Mr. Insecure embarrasses himself again with a magic trick. Yup, a magic trick, everyone. The line has been drawn. I think poor Amir and Mr. Insecure are scraping the bottom after episode one.

The episode ends with a teary Rachel admitting to Matchmaker April that she writes guys off too quickly (as she did in the first episode, hating all of them immediately). Matchmaker April tells her to let down her guard and she'll be alright. Judgey pants, off! We'll see. There's already an early interest in Brittany/Murphy (yup). He's the hunky, young, muscular one…mmm hmmm. And Lindsay can tell that Mr. Rocker has the eyes for her. She can tell cause she ALWAYS bags the rockers. I like him though. Mr. Rocker is my favorite, so far. The women end with a twinge of guilt, thinking into the future of when they'd have to admit that they've been spying on them and misleading them the whole time. Let's hope that the prize is worth the deception. I hope I'm on pins and needles like Maury's paternity test episodes. Or just, Maury episodes.


I'm excited about everyone's prospects and opportunities on this show. Seems like the women and almost all of the men are legitimately looking for matchmaking true love. But, I wonder how successful it can be if you don't have to suffer through the first date(s) game. If you can air out their weaknesses and vulnerabilities right away, and skip to all the honest and critical parts without all the softening of lovey-dovey, flowers-getting, dinner-paying, first dates…is that good or bad? It's an interesting concept. And let's be honest, ain't nobody changing anyone. Guidance, yes, but forcing change…nah. Especially when you're on a reality show. It looks like they are all put through the dating ringer to prove their willingness to find the right mate, including watching other women go on dates with their honeys after they've committed feelings. That's just good old fashioned, behind the scenes, jealousy, entertainment. But I think our three girls will be able to fall in love and look past all that and make women everywhere jealous that they weren't able to spy on their dates, beforehand.