16 Reality TV Shows Whose Cancellation is Overdue

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We're very familiar with scripted televisions shows ending. There is only so long that a story can go on before it needs an ending — though sometimes, shows end up getting canceled before that proper ending. Things are a bit different with reality TV shows. There isn't a story line to wrap up as the cast changes every season. Even if it's the same cast, if you're just following their day-to-day life — and their day-to-day life is continuing — why wouldn't the show? That's why some reality TV shows have gone on for a long time. Too long, some might say.

There are definitely still some addictive reality TV shows that never get old, but there are a lot more that need to end. These shows have had plenty of time in the spotlight, are getting redundant, and it's time they wrap things up so we can see some fresh and exciting stuff on TV. Have a look at 16 reality TV shows that seriously need to end.