Reality Stars in a New Movie

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[Photo: © 2008 Fame Demands Fortune]
Destiney Moore
Destiney Moore
[Photo: © 2008 VH1]

And it's not just any new movie, it's a movie based on a Reality Show. Survivor's Billy Garcia told me a bit about it at the Survivor Dodgeball Charity event we were both at a couple of weeks ago and he just sent me the press release so I could share the news with you.

The premise seems to be that there's a reality show being filmed and when each reality star is eliminated, they are REALLY eliminated…they are snuffed out, so to speak. It's a reality horror flick. What fun!!

Angelique, aka Frenchy
[Photo: © 2008 VH1]

The movie, entitled Reality Horror Night, began shooting yesterday and is being created by Fame Demands Fortune President and C.E.O. Sean Pomper, the Executive Producer of the film.

America's favorite Reality Stars from such hit shows as Survivor, The Biggest Loser, The Mole, I Love Money, Rock of Love, Celebrity Fit Club, Momma's Boy, MTV True-Life, I Wanna Work for Diddy, and The Amazing Race are invited to participate in a new TV Show where the prize is $1,000,000. Before the first contestant is voted off, a “freakish accident” happens, and they meet their demise. When the second and third guest “bite the dust” our contestants discover that they are not only playing for $1,000,000 but playing for their lives.

Here are the cast members for Reality Horror Night:

Billy Garcia from CBS's Survivor: Cook Islands
Destiney Moore from VH1's Rock of Love
Erik Chopin Winner of NBC's The Biggest Loser
Frenchy from VH1's Rock of Love
Gina Lynn from Howard TV On Demand's Wack Pack At The Christy's Farm
Robert Smith from VH1's I Want to Work for Diddy
Elizabeth Gasinski from NBC's Momma's Boy
Gary Garver as featured on the Howard Stern Show
The “Drama King” Kayslay from Sirius/XM radio
Danielle Dipietro from MTV's True-Life
Joseph Gannascoli from The Sopranos / VH1's Celebrity Fit Club
Paul Grassi from ABC's The Mole
Ty White from CBS's The Amazing Race
Matthew Underwood from Zoey 101

Please visit realityhorrornight.com for more information. And keep checking back here, because I'll be covering the movie and its production.