17 Reality Stars Who Cheated on Their S.O. While Filming Their Show

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Shandi on America’s Next Top Model

The CW

Oh, Shandi. This wannabe model plucked from the obscurity of a Kansas City Walgreen's had such potential when she appeared on America's Next Top Model back in 2004. However, things all went wrong for Shandi after she was picked to be in the Top 5. While in Milan, she had a bit of a dalliance with an Italian male model… Despite having a boyfriend back home. This was especially awkward considering she'd recently berated said boyfriend for seeing a movie with a female friend. Shandi broke the news to her poor guy via a pretty emotional telephone call, and her guilt is ultimately what ruined her chances in the show. She was sent home in week ten, presumably to face the wrath of her now ex-boyfriend.