17 Reality Stars Who Cheated on Their S.O. While Filming Their Show

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The whole point of reality TV is to suck in viewers with scandals, shocking moments, and shady behavior. We know that a lot of what we see is going to end badly, but we tune in to see it happen anyway. Take The Bachelor, for example. Has there been a single season of that show that hasn't caused some kind of controversy? No. Do we love it anyway? Absolutely.

As is the way in our sexually-charged world, a lot of reality TV scandals have involved sordid affairs. So many stars have cheated on their partners during the filming of a reality show. To be honest, it's kind of a stupid idea. If you decide to cheat on national television, your other half is DEFINITELY going to find out. Still, if it wasn't for these sorry romances and scandalous hookups, our favorite shows would be a lot less entertaining. Here are some of the most unbelievable cases of reality stars cheating on their S.O. on reality TV. Surprisingly, not all of them ended up being dumped…