Reality: For Real?

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Reality  For Real  reality check gifI’ll admit it without hesitation: I love TV. But, in public gatherings and among mixed company, I will adamantly deny that I watch reality shows.

Until today, I never even (truthfully) considered Kathy Griffin’s My Life on the D-List to fall into that genre. Plus, Project Runway and Top Chef are more like dramatic game shows, aren’t they? (Flipping Out helps me understand that this is a job I could never do – nor would I want to with that crew, but they’re fun to watch!).

Some people could argue that because they have real people they are reality shows – but I would disagree with you. (Because I do that well.) When a television show does not use real people, that is what we categorize as a cartoon.

Maybe this is what makes Bravo! stand out from the crowd – we don’t know we’re watching reality TV because it’s guised as something interesting…. Either that, or, my life is uneventful enough that I need a reality check coupled with some bleeped-out explicatives once in awhile. I’m just sayin’… WTF?!