What We Learned From Your Questions For Real World: Portland Stars Jessica & Anastasia

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We're keeping things moving in our partnership with Real World: Portland and continuing our live chats with the cast. Yesterday, fans got the chance to ask roommates Jessica and Anastasia their questions in our live Facebook interview. Just like in our interviews with Nia & Joi, and Averey & Johnny, the girls were honest with their answers. Jessica and Anastasia dished on their favorite moments, what they loved about Portland, and Jessica's “no boy in bed” policy.

According to Anastasia, Portland is a really relaxed city. “You can walk around naked anywhere legally,” which she said was the best part but quickly added, “that would also be the worst part. Hahaha.” The best part about Portland for Jessica was “being somewhere new. Getting to explore PDX was amazing. It's a beautiful city!” And the worst? “The heat and no air conditioner!!” Somebody get these people some AC! The girls both said they had a “blast” working at the yogurt shop, Cool Harry's, but that it doesn't get much airtime because, according to Anastasia, “Nobody's getting wasted at a food cart, so not much drama went on.”

When asked about their favorite part of the show that's aired so far, Anastasia said she liked “Jordan and Vanessa Baeten‘s talk in the living room” and also “Nia and Marlon‘s private moments.” Jessica's favorite was Anastasia's conversation with Jordan where she comforted him and he opened up. It made her “see him differently.” As for her own relationship with Jordan and whether or not they ever made up, Jessica said, “We're cordial but I don't think he and I will ever be besties.”

There were a couple questions for each girl specifically. Anastasia was asked if it was hard being the only “level-headed” girl in the house. She replied, “I wouldn't say I am the only ‘level' one, but I will say that it was very frustrating at times for me. I felt very isolated because I thought differently and more about emotions rather personal bias.” Jessica, on the other hand, was asked directly about her “no boy in bed” policy. She explained that it's “just a on the spot name I placed on my feelings and comfort levels with dating and letting a guy sleep in my bed. I feel like opening your bed to someone is an intimate thing and makes a gal and guy a little closer, more vulnerable, and I wasn't ready for that so I gave it a name!”

Now for the inevitable question, one that will surely continue to be asked in each interview, “Is Nia really as crazy as she seems?” Both Anastasia and Jessica had very diplomatic responses to this. Anastasia said, “Everyone is a little bit crazy… I feel like quite a few cast members think really illogically, and some decisions NEVER made sense to me. I guess not everyone can always agree on everything.” While Jessica replied, “Everyone has their moments. Haha. Nia is fierce and stands up for what she feels. I agree with Anastasia, when you mix alcohol with a stressful environment, seven strong personalities, that's a recipe for some craziness. This is all a growing and learning experience for us all. We just opened it up bravely to all of you to see.”

So do they recommend others follow in their footsteps, open themselves up, and try out for future season of Real World? “Absolutely!” says Anastasia, “As long as you have an open mind!”

Be sure to check back for our future chats with other Real World cast members!

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