Here’s What Happened In Our Live Interview With Real World: Portland Stars Johnny and Averey

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Last week you got your Real World: Portland questions answered by Nia and Joi live and in the flesh on the Facebook. They were really honest and made us want to keep watching this crazy show to find out what was going to happen next. Yesterday, we kept the train rolling and moved on to roommates Averey and Johnny, the house couple. The duo answered all your questions from who their favorite roommate is to whether or not Nia is actually that crazy.

The Real World has taken place in A LOT of cities over it's 28 seasons, so when you apply I'm sure you hope for somewhere warm, sunny, and exotic. Portland is the opposite of that and Johnny and Averey weren't too excited about the location when they found out. “I was bummed at first kinda, really glad it was an outdoorsy city… but in the end I liked it a lot. It was sweet,” said Johnny. Averey was “kinda disappointed but once I got there and saw Portland, I loved it.” It ended up being her biggest regret that she didn't see “all of what Portland had to offer.” That's a completely normal biggest regret! I'm sure lots of Real World cast members have had much more regrettable regrets.

Johnny and Averey's favorite memories were also not typically Real World seeming. I would guess that a lot of former cast members would say things like “having sex all the time” or “that cat fight I won,” but Johnny's favorite memory was “definitely the trip to Mt. Hood, trip to zombie survival camp… and of course, Averey” Awww! Averey's favorite was “the first day and zombie camp” adding that she would “do it again, but definitely with different people!” Aside from each other, Johnny and Averey both said they were closest with Jordan. They were “three peas in a pod,” according to Averey. Johnny's other favorites were “the Daiz” and “some of the camera crew.” Although, they both agree that Averey loves Daisy more. It is her dog after all.

The question that everyone wanted the answer to was “is Nia that crazy?” To which Averey said, “You don't even know the half of it. Tip of the iceberg.” Sounds to me like Nia is just going to keep getting wilder. I guess we'll just have to keep watching. Until then, keep checking back here at Crushable for Real World: Portland updates and to find out who we'll be chatting with next.

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