What We Learned From Our Live Interview With Real World Portland Stars Nia and Joi

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For most people the real world means living on your own, going to work, and wishing you could have a French bulldog even though they're expensive and your apartment doesn't allow pets. But for a group of young adults on MTV‘s Real World Portland it means living with six strangers, having every moment of your life filmed, and doing things like boning in the bathroom at your job, all while us people in the real real world get to watch it. This show is pretty crazy and can definitely leave you with some unanswered questions (for example, is the whole cast about to watch Nia give a BJ up close and in person?!?!). Luckily for you, we've partnered with the Real World Portland for this entire season so you get to ask the tough questions yourself. This exactly what happened yesterday in our first live interview with stars Nia Moore and Joi Niemeyer. Here's what we learned.

The most obvious question– aside from, “Nia, are you really that crazy?”– was why did Joi leave last week? Joi was sneaky with her answer saying, “I get to tell you in the reunion, trust me it isn't 'cause [of] the lame ass jobs… It's something a little more… personal.” What do you think it is, guys? She was tired and stayed in a lot while the other roommates partied… I'm not gonna say what I think. I guess we'll just have to wait until the reunion to know for sure.

We found out that Joi and Nia are good friends even though they never actually appeared on the show together. They met doing promotion for the show and according to Joi, “clicked in five seconds. Now she's one of my closet friends.” Nia went on to say, “Real always recognizes real… Love at first sight!” As far the other roommates, Joi is “still cool with MOST” of them while Nia says she “loves a few of the others” in addition to Joi. A Johnny fan asked the girls who their favorite male roommate was. Joi chose Marlon but agreed that Johnny is hilarious and Nia took a different route calling Johnny a “scrub and a half” but if she had to choose it would be between Marlon and Jordan.

Nia and Joi's support of each other really came out when someone who claimed to know Joi in high school posted insults over and over again. They ignored him at first, but eventually Nia really let him have it:
“Listen scrub. YOU logged on to rag on Joi because she's hot, successful, and going places. Unlike you… You're a nobody who is living vicariously through someone he so badly wants to switch places with… You can live vicariously through Jordan, since I'm going to cut off his manhood exactly how I'm doing yours right now. BOOP!”
And that was only part of it. Guess it's a good thing to have Hurricane Nia on your side and I must say, I love her repeated use of the word “scrub.” I don't hear that one enough.

Real World is a reality show so of course people wanted to know how Nia and Joi feel about how they are protrayed on the show. Joi thinks the show is both accurate and exaggerated at times but that “it's funny to see since the camera doesn't lie!” Nia said for the most part she's cool with her portrayal and went on to say that “I feel like you see the good and bad in me, which is a reflection of every human being. We all have angels and demons.” You sold the show nicely there, Nia. After all it's a social experiment, it's not all about sex!

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Quite a lot of it is about sex, though. Someone asked how many of the roommates the ladies hooked up with. Joi said, “NONE!” Nia said “Ha! Couldn't pay me!” Really this just shows that there are varying definitions of “hooking up.” Keep that in mind, youngsters! The most recent episode ended with Nia telling all her roommates to gather 'round because she was about to give Jordan a blow job. Fans were annoyed that MTV ended the episode right before the deed was– or wasnt!– done. One of you said that based on the episode, Jordan beat her at her own game (a game Nia calls “mindfucking Jordan”) to which Nia had to say, “How do you already asssssuuuume he won? Or that I blew him? I NEVER lose. Especially against the lunch meat in that house lol.” I don't know what “lunch meat” means, but I would not mess with her!

Nia seduced Jordan with the elegant phrase “I'm gonna suck the skin off your dick.” When asked if she'd ever used this pick-up line before, Nia said, “LMAO Wasn't a pick-up line at all. You will see.. next episode is going to WOW everyone.”

So there you have it. Guess we better tune in to the next episode. Nia really wants us to! As for Joi, we'll just have to wait until the reunion to find out her news. I'm sure Nia will keep us plenty occupied on the way there.

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