Real Women Have Curves – Go Jessica Simpson!

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I’ve refrained from getting in on the whole ‘fat talk’ surrounding the recent weight gain of Jessica Simpson, until now.

I’d hope the conversation would die down and go away, but it seems to be getting worse. There are two very distinct sides that seem to be battling one another. One side is jumping up and down, mocking Jessica and poking fun at the curves she’s developed over the last few months – while the other side, her friends, family and fans are standing in her defense, pointing out the obvious beauty that the woman possesses both inside and out – in spite of a few additional curves.

I say who the F cares? She is human – it seems in the tabloids everyone is too thin (Lindsay Lohan) or too fat as we are currently seeing.

Jessica Simpson was in Charleston, West Virginia performing at her concert wearing tight jeans, high black boots, and a scarf hanging around her neck down to her thighs. She told the crowd that she has a guy in her life that reminds her that she is beautiful. And that she was a minister's daughter and she was taught that all the judgment you went through doesn't matter, what only matters is you and God.

Kudos to Jessica Simpson for having the courage to take the stage anyway. I’ve never been the biggest fan of Jessica to be honest, but watching what she’s been through over the last few weeks, I have a newfound admiration for the woman.

What do you think? Is Jessica Simpsons weight a big concern? Is it big news? Do you even care?

Share your thoughts – won’t you?