Here’s Justin Timberlake In A Stupidly Funny Sketch Called ‘Real People, Fake Arms’

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real people fake arms jimmy fallon

Did you wake up this morning hoping to see something stupid? Something so stupid that you couldn't help but laugh? Well, great news for you! Last night Justin Timberlake, Jimmy Fallon and Steve Carell teamed up on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to perform a scene from their made-up soap opera, Jacob's Patience. It's without a doubt one of the dumbest things I've seen in years. And that's a strong statement because I work for the Internet — a treasure trove of stupidity.

But just like Stepbrothers, you can't help but find it funny. Even if every bone in your body's saying, “don't laugh, you're better than watching two adult men build a doomed bunk bed.”

real people fake arms justin timberlake

Here's the basic premise of the whole sketch: none of the people on Jacob's Patience use their real arms. Instead they use mannequin arms to do everything. Can you imagine!? There's something so incredibly delightful about watching them try to go suit and tie shopping without any hands!

And yeah..they went there with the suit and tie joke….because yeah, TimberWeek is the longest running commercial ever produced for a new album release. If any other music artist attempted to do this, I'd be up in arms. Just banging down the studio door with a tree trunk Beauty-and-the-Beast style. But since it's Justin and since he overcame history's worst recorded case of spaghetti-head in the last nine centuries, I'll let it slide.

Also I'm crossing my fingers that they'll do a new history of rap before the week's over.