Real Housewives Of Washington, D.C Cast Member Crashes President Obama’s State Dinner

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Real Housewives of Washington  D C Cast Member Crashes President Obama s State Dinner ptsphotoshot250342 U2581 145719 000 442x590 jpgNow that the holiday is done, I can get back to the second thing I do best (besides eating), and that is: gossip. Many of you sent me the link to this incredible story of Michaele Salahi, future “potential” cast member of Real Housewives of Washington, D.C., crashing President Obama’s super VIP state dinner with her husband (pictured right) and just strolling in like she owned the joint. Forget foreclosures, naked pictures and married boyfriends: this shit just got REAL.

And, even better, a Bravo camera crew went with them (they weren’t allowed inside) to potentially document the couple hob-nobbing with actual elite members of society. To think, they would’ve gotten away with it all, had she not been so gauche as to post it on her Facebook page, where she actually claimed to have been invited. Sure, in a crowd of heads of state, accomplished politicians, and real members of the entertainment industry, I’m sure the Obama administration remembered to add the names of some winery owners who were filming a reality show!

Anyway, getting past Secret Service is no joke and the New York Times reports that an investigation is under way about how these two fools got in. This is serious business, especially with the high level of death threats President Obama receives; to think these two famewhores made it in is scary. They also report that Half Yard Productions, who is producing Real Housewives of Washington, D.C. for Bravo, were under the impression that the Salahis were on the list. So, these two were fooling damn near everybody.

This is no surprise at all to me; a few months ago, I posted about some of the rumored D.C. housewives and I received a few negative comments about the Salahis; how they are not the real proprietors of Oasis Winery, and claiming that Michaele has lied about her past as a model. So, this kind of shadiness is not a shock.

Next up: the Salahis will be on Larry King Live on Monday night to explain themselves. I will totally be watching.

[Image: Newscom]

Thanks to Mark, Laura, Julie and cbert for the tips!