Whatever Happened To Real Housewives Of New York’s Sonja Morgan?

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Before tonight's episode of The Real Housewives of New York City, I thought we should all take a moment of silence to acknowledge the loss of someone very special — the sane, rational version of Sonja Morgan. Based on the previews I've seen, tonight seems to be the night it all goes down with Miss Sonja, intervention-style. In the past couple episodes, she's been deteriorating rapidly, with even the other Housewives starting to take notice of it, particularly Aviva Drescher and LuAnn de Lesseps, who pointed out that while Ramona Singer can (and does) drink all day, Sonja cannot. But does anyway.

At this point, Sonja is undeniably a mess. She spends every day drunk, had loud butt sex with a virtual stranger and woke up with bruises all over her body, skinny-dips in front of the cameras, breaks down in tears, washes her face in bidets, is millions of dollars in debt, throws herself at men, lives in a falling-down house where she lets her ancient dog shit all over the floor, and employs a menagerie of unpaid interns…slash slaves. The girl is admittedly not doing great.

But she wasn't always like this. I know — whaaaa? If you're like me, her recent behavior has so eclipsed her original personality that you forgot she ever was normal, but she really honestly was. I mean, just watch the video above. She's listing her hobbies and she doesn't list promiscuous sex and drinking. She lists gardening and spending time with her family. Her hair is pulled together, her make-up is done. It's like a totally different woman. When she first joined the cast, she was the voice of reason. She was a sweetheart to everyone, and never caused or contributed to any drama. I swear! On this very website (which is never wrong), she was referred to as ‘the extremely sane Sonja Morgan'. Part of this could've been that Kelly and Bethenny and the Crazy Island saga completely filled the crazy quota and left no room for anybody else, but whatevs. Regardless — what the hell happened? Is this all the work of alcohol, or the bad influence of Ramona, or was she always just pretending to be pulled together and now this is her real self, falling apart?

Whatever it is, I will most definitely be tuning in tonight to see just how the mighty have fallen, and see if Aviva screaming into her face about Sonja's drunken antics has the desired, sobering affect.

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