‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ Son Albie Manzo Wants to Sell You Black Water

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Although his mom Caroline Manzo is an official star of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, oldest son Albie Manzo has become a popular character in his own right. In season 1, Danielle Staub asked him to dance at a party and everyone flipped out, and in season 2 Albie's struggles with law school were a major storyline. And Albie's branching out – he and brother Chris Manzo were on an episode of Millionaire Matchmaker, and they're getting their own Bravo webseries about their wacky hijinks sharing an apartment together.

Albie (who left law school and has since enrolled at the police academy) is now doing another reality show staple: launching his own product. But unlike Teresa Giudice‘s Italian cookbook or Kim Zolciak‘s single, Albie's going another route: he's endorsing a line of bottled water called BLK. Yeah, I know.

Bergen.com was at a party launching the line of water:

When asked about the water, Manzo replied “I noticed the water and thought it could become a great product. The water is black because of the fulvic acid in it. Tonight is the official launch of the product. We have been working on the packaging and are now ready to sell it. The first place it will be available is on Amazon.com. We are currently working with several stores to get BLK on retail shelves. My mom … is very enthusiastic and supportive of the venture. We think it is a great product that has great benefit and potential; it boosts the immune system, generates faster metabolism, hydrates, energizes and is all organic with no additives. Although some people think black water is strange we believe this sets the product apart from all other waters and will make it unique on the shelves.”

As much as I think Albie is adorbs, I'm really glad I didn't go to the BLK party, because it was apparently where new Housewife Melissa Gorga made her singing “debut” (while wearing a “Melissa G” tank top and being accompanied by backup dancers, for some reason). Fellow new castmember Kathy Wakile was also there, which makes me wonder a) if the event was taped for the show and that's why they were all there and b) if this means that the Manzos have sided with the Gorgas. Teresa Giudice was there as well, so maybe the second theory doesn't hold much water, but I do love a good conspiracy theory. Especially when chased with a couple shots of black water.