Real Housewives Of New Jersey Season 3 Reunion: Part 1 Recap

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Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 3 Reunion  Part 1 Recap rhonj 20 12 pngAfter the most cringe-worthy season of Real Housewives of New Jersey yet, we have reached the reunion. The problem here is that when the reunion was filmed a few weeks ago, the ladies were in the midst of shooting season four. The reunion was shot shortly after the fiasco at the Posche fashion show, where, reportedly, Bravo and Teresa arranged for Melissa’s old boss to show up at the fashion show. Trouble is, he was her boss when she worked at a strip club, Lookers Gentleman’s Club (snort) as a bartender, not a dancer. The story is, Teresa wanted to start rumors that Melissa used to be a stripper (all of Teresa’s anger directed at strippers makes me wonder if perhaps she was once a stripper, and is now feeling self-hatred). ¬†Apparently, Jacqueline was so disgusted with the set-up that she refused to attend the reunion and famously tweeted, “Teresa is scum.” Rumors are circulating that Jacqueline has quit the show, but, luckily, we know that we will see her on at least part of season four. Hopefully, she won’t dip out mid-season, ala Dina Manzo. Hey, if Jacqueline leaves, can we still keep Ashley Ashlee Holmes? Let’s see what part one of of the reunion, sans-Jacqueline, had in store for us.