The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Reasons Why Joe Gorga Should Be in the Magic Mike Sequel

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If you haven't heard of Magic Mike or The Real Housewives of New Jersey, I feel so sorry for you. Chances are if you're reading this, you are familiar with both of these amazing sources of entertainment and want to know just what I am actually talking about. Now hear me out,  we all know that Joe Gorga loves sex. He loves to be naked. He loves to strip. He loves to walk around without a shirt on. Why was he not cast in Magic Mike?! I can only assume that he has seen the movie and whispered to his wife the whole time, “I could do that!”

And I bet he could.

Joe Gorga has a reputation for being the sex fiend of the show. With the buzz on Magic Mike growing each day, I thought I would list a few reasons why I think that Joe Gorga would be perfect for the Magic Mike sequel.

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