The Real Housewives of New Jersey: The Teresa Giudice Show Relocates To A Therapist’s Office

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey are back and this time they’re going to therapy! Well, only one housewife is going to therapy, but to be perfectly honest, I think every single housewife in the history of Bravo should probably seek some professional help. Just sayin’. We find the housewives all doing their own thing. Teresa Giudice is still on the outs with her former friends, Caroline Mazo and Jacqueline Laurita. While Kathy Wakile helps her sister Rosie Wakile find a girlfriend, and Melissa Gorga is pretty non-existent. This was a weird episode for me because none of the housewives actually hung out with each other. Therefore, there was no yelling. Sad.

To start off, we find the radiant and rambunctious Rosie talking to Teresa about the infamous tabloid stories that have started this whole crazy ordeal. She questions Teresa about the truth to it all and attempts to defend her sister, Kathy. Is Rosie the sweetest and most real woman on the planet? Can Rosie be a housewife next season? I wouldn’t hate it, but I digress. Then Teresa says (without any regard for what she is saying) in an interview with the Bravo crew that her cousin and Rosie’s sister, Kathy “hated that [Rosie] was gay.” Aw shit. That is totally going to be brought up on the reunion, and everyone is going to go buck wild. I cannot wait. We know already that there is probably little truth to this because as we saw later in the episode, Kathy and Rosie go out to gay bar together. Kathy acts as a wing woman and gets wasted, as good wing women do. And we know that Teresa is full of it (shocker!) and loves her sister.

I feel I need to interject right now and comment on the whole Albie Manzo having a girlfriend thing. GIRLFRIEND? No! After I calmed down from first hearing this heartbreaking news, calmed down from my panic attack, and came out of the fetal position, I realized that everything was going to be okay. According to Lauren Manzo, it won’t last so I’m cool with this. He can do better, and better is me. Albie Manzo is a dreamboat beyond belief. I know I am not the only person in America who believes this. That smile is a killer. Albie Manzo, pick me, choose me, love me!

And now for the good stuff: Teresa Giudice and Joe Gorga go see a therapist. Both seem nervous and anxious beforehand, but I think it’s great that they decided to go through with this. Sometimes, you need an unbiased outside party to really look in on the situation (with a degree) and help two people in conflict. This family is pretty effed up, and I think that this might be their last shot at salvaging a broken brother/sister relationship. Teresa goes in first. She doesn’t see what she has done wrong. She says that Joe is the one with the issues and is holding onto the past. The therapist points that maybe Teresa’s issues aren’t with Joe Gorga but with her sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga. Ding! Ding! Ding! This therapist picked up the theme of the past two seasons of this show in about 30 seconds. (Or maybe he watches the show?) Of course, in typical Teresa fashion, she disagrees with the notion. And this is not the only thing she disagrees with. She disagrees with almost everything that Michael The Therapist says.

Next up is Joe Gorga. He has many grievances with his sister. I see a very big difference between Teresa’s and Joe’s interactions with Michael The Therapist. Joe is rational and level-headed. He openly says, “If I’m wrong, I want to know.” That takes so much humility and guts. While Teresa doesn’t want to (and refuses to) hear any of that. Joe is open to the advice. I know sometimes he’s overly sexual and crude, but I love Joe Gorga. He genuinely loves his sister and wants to make things better. Michael The Therapist says to just let go of the past and stop bringing up old grudges. He also suggests that they get back in the swing of hanging out as a family. He also begs the two not to share an RV on their trip to Napa Valley together. Teresa completely disregards his warnings and wants to “prove him wrong.” I cannot even deal with this chick anymore. Is this all for the cameras? What is the deal with Teresa? Why go to therapy if you’re just going to plug your ears and go “la la la!”? The Teresa Giudice Show is going on strong as well as her role as the villian, and I am sick and tired of it.

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