Real Housewives Of Miami: I’m On Team Lea Black

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Lea Black Real Housewives of Miami RHOM Season 2 fight Bimini BayIs this season of The Real Housewives of Miami over yet? Because I am so over these women. In every way. Bimini Bay has somehow brought out the worst in these gossip-crones, and I'm starting to dread my recaps.

So. What are we arguing about today? Well, we're still lobbing guesses back and forth about Karent Sierra and her boyfriend Rodolfo, in regards to whether he's cheating on her or not. Is he? Probably, but she doesn't seem to care, so I don't know why these ladies do. It seems pretty likely to me that they have some kind of arrangement, like an open relationship, and she just doesn't want to answer questions about it. But fucking Alexia Echevarria and Ana Quincoces are like carrion crows pulling strips of flesh off her bones and I'm OVER IT. Over it. Thankfully Alexia finally flushed that article down the toilet this episode, so hopefully we won't have to hear anything more about it.

The other big deal from last night's episode was the long-awaited fight between Lea Black and Marysol Patton over the stuff brought up by Elaine Lancaster in approximately every single episode. Lea used Marysol's PR company for her gala and it just turned into a huge snafu. Both women are pissed because they feel like the other mishandled their professional relationship, but neither one wanted to bring it up because they didn't want to harm the friendship. So instead they've just been sniping at each other all season, either directly or through Elaine, and I'm honestly relieved they finally got it out. It got a little nasty when Marysol said, “You think your gala legitimizes my business?? My business legitimizes your gala!” but my girl Lea stood her ground and got all her arguments out. It's clear to me from this argument that all the ladies are right about Marysol — she's a nice girl, but she hates confrontation so much that it makes her impossible to communicate with. So even though I don't know the real details of the situation, I'm inclined to side with Lea, because she's the one encouraging the argument to actually happen instead of simmering under the surface. These women needed to yell and cry, and then they got to hug at the end, so all is right in the world.

There were other little dramas too, with Joanna Krupa accusing Alexia's husband of being gay, Marysol deciding that she's finally ready for divorce, Lea and Lisa Hochstein having a deep talk about Lisa's fear she'll never carry a baby to term, and Ana eating a conch penis, but the only other big drama was that Karent's father is ill, so she has to leave The Bahamas and go home to take care of him. Other than that, it seems like Bravo is saving their big guns for next week, as I got a little glimpse in the preview of Romain proposing to Joanna, Ana and Marysol signing divorce papers, and Frederic asking Adrianna De Moura‘s son if he could marry his mom. Just get me to next week already. These women are exhausting.

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