11 Of The Best Tweets About Real Housewives Of Miami Last Night

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Adriana tearing her veil on Real Housewives Of Miami 3x10Last night's episode of The Real Housewives Of Miami was easily the most stressful thing that's happened to me in quite a while. It was Adriana di Moura Sidi‘s wedding episode, and watching it felt like reliving my nightmares in which I'm constantly running late, nothing is going right, and everyone is waiting on me. It. Was. Insanity.

But on the bright side, it provided an excellent opportunity for Lisa Hochstein to really test out this new personality she's been dabbling in. The one who takes control, says what she means, and doesn't have time for your BS. I kind of loved it, while I wasn't cringing massively from the awkwardness of this never-ending wedding.

And I wasn't the only one who felt that way. People all over Twitter were just as annoyed as I was about Adriana, and just as thrilled by Lisa. So instead of paraphrasing all that nonsense, why don't I let them speak for themselves? Here are the eleven best tweets from last night's episode:

Ooh, a burn right off the bat from Kathy Griffin‘s assistant. And we haven't seen the last of him this evening. He has another gem later on in the episode.

Yup, that's right. One of Adriana's sisters didn't even make it to the wedding, nor did her mom. So it seems like most of the drama of the day is on account of the fact that RHOM is filming.

Damn girl. That's a lot of shade you're throwing.

Until you remember that they chose to be married to the ladies on this show. Then things even back out again.

Adriana included.


Oh yeah. I forgot to tell you guys, but she referred to it as ‘the Amazon' down there. But don't worry, she went and got it waxed so it's back to being ‘the Sahara' again. Oh cool, so dry and arid?

Yes, she really said it. I was obsessed.

PAPER GOBLIN. Out, ye beast!

I've dreamed of this day…walking down the aisle with everyone watching me grumpily…losing half my reception because I was two hours late for it and they wouldn't bring out any food until I got there…at 11:00pm.

And yessssss you know I can't resist a Harry Potter reference. Lea Black was working with some serious beach wizard realness, you can't deny it.

All in all pretty much what I expected, but can't wait for Joanna Krupa‘s wedding to air later in the season!

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