Real Housewives of Atlanta: Where Is Nene Leakes?!

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Last night's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta was severely lacking in drama. If there's one thing these shows are good for it's forced drama. Did you see the Anguilla episodes where all the ladies went on a trip together even though some of them hate each other? Forced. Drama. There was none of that last night because for some reason the women, for the most part, were all doing their own thing and not interacting with each other. Also, and more importantly, Nene Leakes wasn't there.

There was a clock in the corner of the screen the whole time counting down to when the Shahs of Sunset finale began as it was airing immediately following RHOA. For me this clock served two purposes: pointing out that we were 30-minutes in and still hadn't seen Nene AND as a countdown of how much longer I had to watch this snoozefest.

Nene moved to LA a few episodes ago to start filming The New Normal, so now she just shows up in Atlanta every now and then to check on what these fools are up to. Nene was in last night's episode for literally 45 seconds. I'm not using the word “literally” casually and incorrectly Rachel Zoe-style. It was seriously that short. During this time she mentions how her phone isn't charging and she wants a taco. Good for Nene that she gets to move on to something new, but Nene never skimped on the dramz so her move to LA does nothing for this show. It also proves that if these women are not placed in a room together, they are super boring.

Kandi Burruss was on her own this episode, meeting with record producers to discuss making a gospel record. Her only interaction with another real housewife was a short encounter with Phaedra Parks who denied caring that Kenya Moore dressed up as her last week. Phaedra says, “I thought it was sorta weird.” Sorta weird?! It was some of the craziest shit I've ever seen. Anyway, that brief moment was Phaedra's whole appearance this episode.

Kenya's role in this episode was a total 180 from her Phaedra impersonation. Kenya, after having a questionable mammogram, goes to the doctor to have a biopsy. The results show the lump is benign. Kenya says the experience has changed her outlook on life– which is great and of course I'm glad she doesn't have cancer– but hopefully she doesn't lose her je ne sais quoi (to put it nicely).


The only two women that really interact in this episode are Porsha Williams-Stewart and Cynthia Bailey. Porsha is planning a birthday party for her husband, Kordell Stewart. Cynthia is planning a beauty pageant through her modeling business (That's what is it, right? These people have too many business ventures). Porsha, who has been helping with the planning, goes to a meeting about the pageant and Cynthia's assistant is rude to her. Porsha tells her husband what happened and he just keeps saying, “You gotta check that.” Porsha goes out for drinks with Cynthia to “check that” but doesn't get a chance to when Cynthia tells her she can't participate anymore because she's irresponsible.

Later, Cynthia shows up at Porsha/Kordell's party “out of respect” even though they haven't been getting along. I would think that if you don't get along with someone, the respectful thing to do would be not attending, but what do I know. Kordell sits down with Cynthia and Porsha and tells them they both are acting disgusting and getting on his nerves. Then Cynthia and Porsha do the unthinkable and make up because apparently Kordell is a Real Housewives whisperer or something. Has he ever seen this show? That was nothing. No one got their wig ripped off. Neither of them even got the chance to talk trash. No drama. Which brings us full circle: Where is Nene Leakes?!

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