Real Housewives Of Atlanta: Yet Again, I Find Myself Siding With Kenya Moore

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Kenya Moore RHOASomething has happened to me, you guys. I keep watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta and finding myself agreeing with the crazed anthems of Kenya Moore. I haven't received any head injuries, contracted dementia, or taken any mind-altering drugs, but week by week this woman is sounding more and more convincing. This is why I shouldn't be allowed to watch TV by myself! There's no one to bounce ideas off of, so I just get sucked deeper and deeper into Kenya's hypnotic crazy-spell without knowing if it's right or wrong. It happened last week and I sense it happening again last night, so I'm just gonna embrace it I guess? This is terrifying.

But moving right along. Phaedra Parks wants Kenya to help her and her husband Apollo make their donkey booty workout video, so the three of them sit down to talk shop. According to Kenya, she's already done about six weeks of pre-production work pro bono, and she's presenting budgets and recommendations, and dropping names and all that jazz. And she's willing to put her name on it, so I'm inclined to believe she's done the work she says she has. Phaedra, on the other hand, has a history that we've seen of walking into meetings unprepared, without even a concept or a name solidified. Remember a couple weeks ago when she and Apollo were arguing right in front of Kenya? Yeah.

So anyway, while reading over the budget, Phaedra comes across a clause that assures Kenya 10% of the proceeds, which I think is pretty standard, considering she's not being paid and her company would be handling the distribution. She's going out on a limb to help out a friend with no guarantee it'll work out, right? Risk and reward and all that? But Phaedra has a big old problem with it, and counter-offers with…0%. Wait but what? Am I crazy or is that not the way the world works? Why do I find myself going along with Kenya? What's happening? But thankfully for my own mental-health, Cynthia Bailey gets involved and actually sides with Kenya in saying that Phaedra is behaving unprofessionally, so I'll be able to sleep tonight without worrying I've lost my mind.

Oh and then there's also this, a performance that Kenya did on Watch What Happens Live last night. In case you were worried that she had fully transitioned over to the world of the sane.

When that seems normal, someone take me to a doctor.

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