‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ Foodcap: Marriage Is Fleeting, But New Boobs Are Forever

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What a long, strange trip it's been with this season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. This show has upended almost every opinion I had about the cast members during this season. Either that or there was some intense Twilight Zone shit going on last night. Or maybe it was just very quick editing. There was so much to cover. Between Cynthia Bailey‘s wedding, Kim Zolciak‘s new boobs and NeNe's rapidly deteriorating mental health, there was a lot to cover for just one season finale.

Scene: Lawrence Washington's premiere performance of “Closet Freak”
Food: Wine, liquor, drag queens
Lawrence may be Sheree Whitfield‘s hairdresser, but Kandi Burress is ready to make him into a star. She's written him a song, called “Closet Freak,” and Lawrence has taken it from there. I've never been to Altanta, but I think there must be something in the water down there that makes gay men extra fierce. Because all of the gays on this show BRING IT.

Meanwhile, Lawrence come outs in full performance gear, and the housewives have checked almost all of their negative, cutting opinions to appreciate his performance.What is this show? When did everyone become positive? I am confused.

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