Real Housewives Of Atlanta Foodcap: Let Them Eat Pizza!

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Happy Monday! Today's dispatch from Atlanta is replete with fat burning pizza parties and creepy breast feeding!  Kim Zolciak and Phaedra Parks may not get along, but they are more than willing to tag team our trip through the eating habits of Atlanta's Real Housewives. Also, NeNe Leakes explains the most important rule for Real Housewives Fight Club: never leave your win unattended!

Scene: Sheree sees Lawrence to get her hair did
Food: Sheree kept Lawrence well fed with her own sense of self-importance

Lawrence updates Sheree on his singing career. And Sheree wishes him the best. But not so much that he improves his station in life and stops doing her hair. Also, that agency that Sheree auditioned with last week has signed her on as a client. So Sheree's excited to start acting.

Scene: Kim learns some choreography
Food: All the pizzas that Kim imagined eating instead of concentrating on her dance moves

Since she's not so good at the singing part of being a singer, Kim's working on her dance moves. And explains:

“I'm probably a better dancer than I am a singer.”

We hope so, Kim! Oops. Nope. Kim doesn't really like dancing either.

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