Real Housewives Of Atlanta Are In Serious Legal Trouble

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Via gossip blog Martini & Scotch, we learn what some of the Atlanta housewives are up to and it is not pretty.

First, Sheree Whitfield owes a private investigator a whole ton of money and of course, has nothing to pay him with. There are reports that she had to sell her home , but as Martini & Scotch points out, it wasn't Sheree's home to begin with.

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Second, Nene Leakes did get evicted from her home, which was a rental and her husband Greg is in trouble for not paying his taxes. She made an interesting statement to  Atlanta Nightspots regarding the eviction:“you don’t know my relationship with Greg so be careful what you report!” What IS her relationship with Greg, then? I thought he was her husband?

The rest of the housewives appear to have remained unscathed. For now, anyway.