The Real Housewives Of New Jersey: Albie Manzo’s New Girlfriend Lindsey Andrews Finally Shows Up On Camera

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When we left last the ladies of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, things were heading for disaster. Teresa was going to therapy with her brother Joe while the rest of the women were off doing their own things—including Jacqueline crying more about her lost friendship with Teresa. She needs to get over that. Real quick. Teresa and Joe are both taking the therapy session as a joke and don’t really want to do anything he suggested. Forget what a professional would recommend, these people definitely know best. Sure.

Melissa and Joe Gorga are throwing a birthday party for their daughter Antonia and it is absolutely amazing—blow up things everywhere, cotton candy machines, bouncy houses, obstacle courses, etc. It’s amazing. I had my 16th birthday party at T.G.I.Friday’s if that tells you anything about how jealous I am of this 8 year old. Teresa shows up and talks to Melissa about the therapy session. They decided to do a Sunday dinner like they used to. Neither seems super excited about the idea. I like that Melissa is going out of her way for her husband. I feel that’s extremely nice and loyal. Melissa has to be a good wife/sister-in-law to put up with the Teresa Giudice.

And speaking of the New Jersey Devil herself, she is talking about Jacqueline Laurita to her brother while she comes up and says hello at the birthday party. There was something mentioned about leopard print and then a quick exit made by Jacqueline. So incredibly awkward. They talk a little more about Gia and her bras. It’s all kind of cordial and fake, but I think that little interaction made Jacqueline feel a little bit better. I feel so bad for Jacqueline. She seems so sensitive and kind-hearted and wants everyone to like her and get along with her. She seems like she is ready to cry at the drop of hat at any moment. Maybe it’s just her soft-spoken voice or her motherly feel, but I think that Jacqueline is way better off without someone like Teresa in her life.

And now the moment we’ve all been waiting for: Albie Manzo’s girlfriend Lindsey Andrews shows up. We get a small glimpse of Lindsey’s backside as she sneaks out of the apartment with what seems to be a trash bag. Did he make her take out the trash? Did she pack her clothes in a trash bag? Interesting. Then Albie says he has found love. Did he find love in a hopeless place? (Sorry, I had to.) Chris Manzo approves of this new woman because she is “nice” and “a professional cheerleader which is like, awesome.” Totally awesome, Chris. She waves pom-poms for a living. That takes some serious dedication. He met her in Hoboken, NJ (as we all do) and apparently, at first, she didn’t have any interest in our beloved Manzo boy. Are you kidding me, Lindsey? Are you seriously kidding me? Have you seen Albie Manzo? Have you watched the show and seen how wonderful he is? I think the only thing that would deter me from dating Albie would be the cameras and Caroline. Both very scary things in two very different ways. Though Lindsey played hard to get, Albie “chipped away” and finally got her. How sweet…

Before Lindsey meets Caroline, she seems super quite and nervous. Her timid attitude is kind of endearing. I don’t want to like this girl, but I think I do. The guys keep messing with her and making her even more nervous, but she takes it like a champ. Every girl knows how nerve wrecking it is to meet the parents, especially the mother. The first thing Lauren Manzo says when she meets Lindsey after the words “Hi, nice to meet you” was “You’re very pretty…” in a kind of passive-aggressive way. Albie clues everyone in that Lauren is actually the one to impress when meeting the Manzo family rather than Caroline, which I believe. She is kind of a tough girl. I wouldn’t mess with her.

I think we can all breathe a sigh of relief in knowing that Albie Manzo’s girlfriend is not a completely trollop or annoying camera whore. It does break my heart that he is so in love with her and keeps touching her and stuff, but that’s a personal problem I need to work on, I guess. Caroline is worried about Albie’s priorities, and I cannot blame her. Will BLK Water crumble because of Albie’s relationship? Dun dun dun!

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