‘Real Housewives’ Doll Recap: Is Jill Zarin The Devil?

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 Real Housewives  Doll Recap  Is Jill Zarin The Devil  IMG 05372 280x157 jpgWe learned several things on last night’s Real Housewives of New York: that Bethenny may indeed have a soul; that Kelly is a bigger maneater than we thought; that Jill might be seriously evil.

First of all, Jill clearly planted that item in Page Six that reported a rift between Bethenny and all the other Housewives, along with specific details that had Jill’s name written all over it (the item name-dropped Saks Fifth Avenue, which Jill has some sort of relationship with).  Anyways, Bethenny was very upset about the item — and quite paranoid that Jill had also been feeding info to “termites” like Perez Hilton (because Bethenny, publicity-shy reality star that she is, would never stoop to such levels). So she bitched about at a meeting with kooky Kelly, batshit Ramona and serene Alex. Kelly got pissed because Jill’s, like, a friend OK? Then she and Bethenny broke their truce — which they previously called at the “Robert Verdi lounge” — to bitch back and forth about how much they hate each other. In an uncharacteristic move, Alex raised her voice and told them to SHUT THE HELL UP since they had work to do: pick out the designers for Brooklyn Fashion Week, which was of utmost importance. So Kelly and Bethenny re-called their truce and hugged again, so totally faking it.

Which brings us back to Jill: This woman has no pokerface whatsoever, so when Bethenny called to confront her on the Page Six thing — and ostensibly mend their friendship — Jill breathed fire, put her phone on speaker so her new BFF Countess could told Bethenny they were done. Over. She brought up the “you need to get a hobby” thing, and hung up on Bethenny like she was Mean Girls’ Regina George and Bethenny was Lindsay Lohan.

Bethenny wound up crying on the street, dressed in red with nowhere to go but home to her fiance and only friend, Jason. That’s cold, Jill. Real cold.

Subplot! Kelly got interviewed by a writer for Playboy, who was kind of cute in an  David Duchovny way. She hit on him hardcore, baiting him to gauge what he thought of her yet-to-be-published Playboy photo spread. Afterward, she got all up in his grill and forced him to ask her out. Not that he could resist. She does have a certain charm, no? Yeah, we’re the only ones who think that, we know.